Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter vol 84 2010

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Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center


New alleles of chlorophyll1 found in lemon white endosperm stocks in Maize COOP phenotype‑only collection


                                                      ‑‑Janet Day Jackson


                                                      This report summarizes allele testing of lemon white endosperm stocks characterized only by phenotype in the Maize Genetics COOP Stock Center collection. Here pale kernels linked to pale green or albino seedlings characterized all stocks.  Many had previously given negative results in tests with vp9, w3 and y9. The cl1 Clm1‑3 stock used in crosses here carries a dominant modifier of cl1 that allows for viable green plants making crosses with a homozygous stock possible. Crosses were made as follows:  [+/lw*]@ X cl1 Clm1‑3 or +//+/lw* X cl1 Clm1‑3.  Ears were scored for the segregation of pale yellow kernels.

New designations have been assigned to these alleles and they have been placed in the main collection. Stocks with this same phenotype that were found to complement cl1will be tested for allelism with other stocks linked to pale endosperm.



Previous designation

allelism test with w3

New designation

MGCS stock number

5910E lw*‑1981‑10

4 positive



5912B lw*‑B73

4 positive



5912F y‑pg*‑1981‑17

3 positive