Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter vol 84 2010

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BROOKINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA                                                    
South Dakota State University                                                                    
Scoring Pr vs pr aleurone color

--Whalen, RH; Auger, DL

      Most offices and labs have fluorescent lighting, and it is often difficult to accurately distinguish Pr
(purple) from pr (red) aleurone color under fluorescent light. The best way to score Pr vs pr kernels indoors is by viewing them under pure incandescent light rather than fluorescent light or a mixture of the two.  The closer one holds the kernels to the incandescent bulb, the easier it is to accurately distinguish Pr from pr.  Even under incandescent light, a very small proportion of  kernels that appear to be purple are found to be red when held much closer to the light bulb, presumably due to segregation of modifying factors.  These observations have been confirmed by several people.